A professional and dedicated workforce

"It's PEOPLE who make the difference, not machines or buildings. I think our defining difference is that it's not totally about work; it's about developing our people. It's about families and worklife balance. It's about our community" .  

BOB McCOSKER - Managing Director

The following five values ensure this commitment:

Safety Comes First

With an outstanding track record for health and safety, McCosker work strictly in line with international standards to ensure you are safe at work across all sites and projects.

Family Environment

We started as, and still are, a family business and we work hard to maintain the values that this brings. We understand that family is just as important as career, so we offer flexible working arrangements to help suit your needs.

Friendly Working Conditions

A range of benefits are on offer, designed to help you better maintain a healthy worklife balance. Our priority is to have a workforce of happy and healthy employees, knowing the benefits we will gain on the job from your positive health and wellbeing.

Employee Development

The McCosker team are professional and dedicated. We offer support and opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge, mutually ensuring personnel success and business development.

Commitment to Community

At McCosker we are passionate about the community in which we work and live. We are proud of our employees who consistently show a keen interest in community involvement. We are a company that is committed to supporting the Gladstone Region.



Our Vision
Our Vision
Our vision is to construct a sustainable future for our people, clients, families and community.